Guest lecturer

Steve is a guest lecturer covering both transport and urban planning.

Future transport and mobility

Shared mobility, delivery drones and droids, demand responsive travel, mobility as a service and other technologies are now vying for attention as transport solutions. But what’s wrong with a good old bus route? Steve explores opportunities and threats of new transport and mobility options.

Transport and new homes planning

England, in particular London and the South East, is the focus of much new house building. But many of the new estates are built in poor locations, miles from amenities and without any sustainable transport options. Steve gives a snapshot of current practices, including case studies, and details a framework for more sustainable development.

Car dependency and its effects

Car dependency occurs when cities and lifestyles are arranged around the car as the primary mode of transport. Steve explores this phenomenon and details the diverse costs to society and the environment of designing for the car instead of for people. The alternatives, beginning with a radical reallocation of road space is also explored.